Rent a driver per hour for your own car

Alfy - Personal

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When you go out in the evening, or when you’re on the way to a meeting or to go shopping. Whether you have a guest to welcome at the airport, or when you need to bring your child to school, you can rent an Alfy driver by the hour, 7/24, for your own car.

  • You can request a driver by using our mobile application Alfy or by simply dialing our call center number.
  • All our drivers go through communication and driving skills training and serve in black suits.
  • You can pay through the mobile application Alfy, with your credit card or cash.
  • For daily, weekly, or monthly arrangements, please contact us directly via phone or writing.

How does Alfred work?

Choose between personal or corporate rental services.

Submit your request to us via e-mail, phone or our mobile application.

Learn about our hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rental rates and rent..

If you wish, we can manage all your rented corporate services.