Alfred - Corporate

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Now, instead of having drivers on your payroll, you can rent them hourly, daily, or monthly as needed.

  • No longer do you need to worry about vacations, sick leaves, absences, or severance packages.
  • You can utilize this service not just during work hours, but on 7/24.
  • All Alfy drivers are chosen from qualified candidates, go through communication and driving skills training, and serve in black suits. Multilingual staff is available.
  • To learn more about our daily, weekly, or monthly driver services, please contact us via our call center number or email.

How does Alfred work?

Choose between personal or corporate rental services.

Submit your request to us via e-mail, phone or our mobile application.

Learn about our hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rental rates and rent..

If you wish, we can manage all your rented corporate services.