About Us

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Who is Alfred?

Commonly known as a character from the movie “Batman,” Alfred is the personal assistant of Batman and is always there to support him. Named after this character, Alfred Concierge Services is always there to make its clients’ lives easier through hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly service rentals. It’s more efficient to run this way.

  • You don’t need to manage expensive payroll expenses or worry about vacations, sick leaves, absences, or severance packages.
  • All services are recorded in Alfred’s proprietary CRM systems and can be reported to you.
  • Alfred makes clients’ lives easier through 7/24 service and adds value to the residences, offices, and shopping malls with its services.
  • It also acts as an innovative marketing platform for brands.

What does Alfred do?

Personal Services

Alfred adds value to its clients' lives through the mobile application, email, or call center.

Corporate Services

Alfred adds value to the residences, offices, shopping malls, banks, automotive, and logistics companies.